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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 2, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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5 inches of rain in the last few days. >> a whole lot of storm team coverage. roberta gonzalez is in the storm center. [ please stand by for change of captioner ]
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>> the rain hasn't soaked too much of the ground yet, so we shouldn't see too much flooding. so far so good. the rain is going to help with the drought a good bit out here. we're live at the top of the summit kpix. ryan is checking out the stormy commute from laxerburg. >> it's been raining consistently the whole way over
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here for us. we have some photos from the golden gate bridge. we had to have a slow go at 30 miles an hour. even though there wasn't anyone else on the road there were puddles on the road every once in awhile. around lucky drive we experienced some good instances where you can hydro plane. we had to slow down because of the fog in the area. that was at 4:00 in the morning, but things are better now. another thing about this storm since it came in overnight since cars weren't
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on the road they weren't able to push the water off to the side of the road, and that could be an issue because a lot of folks are heading into the city for the morning commute and the puddles are going to stay there until more cars get on the road. at the ferry terminal, they're seeing a lot of rain, but that's the good way to go this morning. >> the ferry is a good way to go, sitting in there sucking down a cup of coffee. >> i-- it looks like our doppler radar is lit up. this is some of the hardest downfalls we
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have seen in years. everybody is seeing heavy to moderate rain at this time. look between marinewood very heavy rain fall along highway 101. your commute into san francisco is not good. it's very heavy rain. as you maine make your way into san francisco there's going to be delays at the airport due to the precipitation. southeast winds up to 20 and 25 miles an hour. you want to track us all long because the afternoon -- day
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long because the afternoon is going to be raining -- rainy as well. you can download the weather app for free. we're going to talk about the morning commute and what you're going to receive this morning, lots of rain and deep standing water. there's a crash in the right hand lane that's shut down at this hour with traffic slowing down. we been talking about marine county. the usual spot at north 101 at 580. in terms of the bridge commute, it's going to be sloppy out there.
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give yourself time to get to work. it would be a great day to catch a boat or a train or just stay home. stay where you are. >> we didn't have that option, did we? s no, we didn't. >> they could set up a studio for us at home. super bowl time. the corruption trial of two san francisco police officers. the two are charged with stealing money from searches. former officer vargas pleaded guilty and testified against the two officers who stood trial. >> the information that the government offered was the testimony of vargas and cesar
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hernandez that was paid over $40,000 for his testimony. i think at the end of the day, the jury will find the government hasn't done their job to prove without a reasonable doubt. five cragslist police officers are recovering over injuries from protests in ferguson. damage was done at union square. the chief believes his officers handled it the best they could. 76 were not san francisco residents and 16 of them were not from california. rigorous new standards to help end racial profiling.
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he's trying to reform relationships between police officers and citizens. bay area state senator is relaunching plans to increase the state's minimum wage. it would be 11 bucks an hour in 2015 and 15-dollars in 2016. several cities have approved the minimum wage law, including berkeley. a vote on a plan to save a hospital from foreclosure.
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supervisors are considering a move to delay the tax bills and give it other breaks. the numbers are in from the biggest on line shopping day of the year. some of the heaviest rain in years is hitting the bay area right now. we'll track this latest storm together. >> the cp has tracked a crash at a street in hayward. i'll have details on this and flooding across all the bay area freeway with traffic ahead.
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"the hover is perfect .... ing good." :03 good morning everyone. if you're just waking up you're hearing rain fall on the rooftops. we have rain on the bay bridge. we head over toward the santa cruz mountain, it's definitely wet. your full forecast is straight ahead. >> this is video of a dramatic operation off the coast of
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south florida. the rescue involves a young man who shocked on a piece of meet and the waves were too choppy for rescue boats to save him. bill cosby has resigned as temple's board. >> a staff member has resigned after criticizing the president's daughters. she said the daughters should show some respect and the way they were dressed.
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>> cyber monday shoppers give retailers the much needed pump in sales yesterday. some her chapters were throwing in free shipping to encourage shopperring -- shopping. sales were up 8 percent. before you donate check out who you're giving to at charity navigator. the web site rates charities and how they use the money they receive. the traffic alert for 880 in the hayward area where deep water is being reported. northbound 880 just beyond a street in hayward.
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we're getting reports of that deep water slowing down two lanes of traffic. traffic slowing down in the area as it should with hydro planing being reported. no lanes are shut down at this hour. it's going to be a wet one this morning. you're going to want to give yourself extra time this morning. right here at the rainy bay bridge toll plaza, traffic moving well, but watch out for more of that deep standing water we've been talking about. take it easy as you're heading toward and leaving downtown san francisco. no problems over at the golden gate bridge, but the usually
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spot where you're going to see flooding is lucky and larksburg. now to roberta. >> how long have you been tracking traffic around the bay area? i want to say anywhere between 15 to 18 years >> have you ever seen it this bad this early in the morning. >> no, i have not. >> we have heavy to moderate downpours we've had in years in the area. you see area color in the rainbow on the screen right now. you see the yellow, orange and red, that is moderate to heavy downpours at this time. we could see a thunderstorm coming up at any time. right
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now your commute out of oakland heading toward the city of san francisco is down right ominous. heading into sann month day yo, that shade of -- sanmadao could have thunderstorms. periods of heavy rain this afternoon with increasing winds from 20 to 25 miles per hour. this is some tropical moisture, so we have that all day long. this area of low pressure is tapping into that. the entire state of california is under the gun today with moderate to heavy
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downpours with the potential of mud slides. during lunchtime we have heavy to moderate downpours as well. the evening, it eases up. look at this in the morning, you'll need extra time to get to work or school. everybody is getting drench over the next 24 hours and by thursday morning up to six inches of rain. three inches around the peninsula. this is a lot of rain in a short amount of time. in the mountains winter weather warning advisory. two
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to three feet expected. today highs are in the low 60s. it's muggy feeling. friday a new threat of showers. it's been years since we've seen so much rain and it's encam passing everyone right now. >> be careful what you ask for. >> if i was watching at home, i would put the blanket over my head and two back to sleep. a couple of tree lightings to mark the holiday season. phillip phillips with be there and in sacramento the 83 capitol christmas tree lighting is set at 5:00 this
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evening. it's a 53-foot tall white fur. frosty the snowman is a jolly happy soul, but some are trying to melt the big snow man. when the owner moved his location, he got a visit from mr. jan. >> we don't a -- mr. scrouge. i was shocked. >> he will be back in 24 hours to make sure frosty is down. >> the owner said he's thinking about paying the fine any way
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to frosty can stay up. . >> i'm dennis, reaction from jim hairball's press conference., coming up. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the chp has issued a traffic
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alert for 880. this accident is blocking two lanes. we're getting reports of flooding throughout the bay area. you're going to need to slow down and make sure those windshield wipers are working. xcbs traffic is still ahead. jim hairball dodged questions about him leaving the 49ers after the season. he focused on finding the right things to do for the football team. >> my job is to get it right, and we're going to get this right s a couple of days ago another report had hairball being traded to the raiders
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next season. yesterday afternoon hairball would not play ball. >> i really don't worry ribaltaabout my future. i haven't participated in any of that speculation. i think i have a recessive gene. do you really want my answer or are you asking for your own pleasure. >> i want to here your answer, jim. >> i want to attack this week and get it right. >> yesterday, the new blue jays third baseman told how he found out he was going to canada. >> i was playing a game and one of my buddies texted me blue
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jays question mark and then my agent said call me and i put two and two together that i had been traded. >> he will replace donaldson. the latest on the 49ers soap opera tonight. nfl monday night action dolphins and jets. jets were on a come back until a pass gets reflected. rashad jones said we're going home winners. the dolphins game back to win it 16-13.? it is 5:26. a hollywood studio hacked and sonny thinks they know who hacked it. why the finger is being pointed at one country's dictator. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! traffic ad libs live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i'm ryan, you're in for a messy commute this morning. >> what is so extraordinary about today's storm is it's pounding the east bay, the north bay, the west bay. everyone is getted pounding by this storm. and a crash approaching 880. i'll track this accident. we've got one wet tuesday
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around the bay area this morning. the storm is moving in right now. it's all over the bay area and we could see five to six inches of rain in the next couple of days. >> here is our storm team today and ryan is in larksburg, but kit doe is at the summit. >> this is the heaviest downpour we have gotten in here as roberta said, and i totally believe it. >> well, with all that wet weather, that's what happens when you're on live tv. >> yeah, a few technical difficulties. >> the north bay is getting
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drenched as well. >> kit is in larks -- ryan is in larksberg. >> it's still raining, not as much as kit is experiencing in the mountains, but here in larksburg a lot of folks coming in to use the ferry to not drive in it. be careful out there. there's plenty of instances where you can hydro plane if you're going too fast. i want to show you some video from 101. we're crossing the golden gate bridge. i took this video going about 30 miles an hour and
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that's what we felt comfortable going. the rules of the road do apply here. you want to drive for the conditions. it's very wet out there. there's been tricky timing when it comes to the overnight rain because there were no cars to push this water off the road. you want to take it slow and watch out for that standing water, those puddles forming that haven't got off the road yet. thank you very much. nice and rainy in the north bay. >> let's check in with kit doe once again. hi kit. >> these are big fat rain drops coming down hard. we took this video about 20 minutes ago. this rain has not let up.
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we've covered rainstorms here in the past, and this is significant i can tell you. we haven't seen this in a long time. no traffic accidents to speak up just yes, ma'am. that's the situation in the mountains. here's what it looks like in san jose, there was steady rain fall overnight. a woman who came over bolder creek said to come over the mountain slow. >> this is nothing, just a warmup. everybody just needs to slow down i live near the lexington residence zero, it is really dry. we need this rain.
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i love it coming down. we need this rain today. no complaints. >> five to six inches of rain all week, right roberta. >> yes. big fat rain drops as kit was referring to. this is an area of low pressure tapping into that moisture and lifting it up from the south to the north and what's so extraordinary from the mountains to santa cruz all the way into san francisco everybody is being pounded by moderate to heavy downpours. look at the bay bridge heading out of oakland all the way to the city at san francisco and china town. bottom line is everyone will be experiencing a very difficult
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morning commute with temperatures in the 50. later today that chance of thunderstorm with winds gusting up in the 30s. >> there's a problem right here at the golden gate bridge involving a car hydro planing and crashing into the toll both. that -- booth. that toll booth is still shut down. you want to slow down and give yourself extra time. 880 we have a crash in the northbound area. two lanes of traffic are shut down. flooding in many parts of the bay area. that's a look at xcbs traffic.
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now to mitchell. >> a reduction in fees for taxi drivers so they can compete withube -- with uber and lift. >> cab drivers are coming up with all kinds of way to help vent their frustrations and show the public we're the ones following the rules and we're getting the bad end of the stick. >> at another bumper sticker like this one didn't your mother tell you not to ride with strangers. the state water board will announce the last figures
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on how well the daily per figures for each person's use. west port forts and the dockers union will get under way without a contract since july. most holiday goods are already safely through the port. state is trying to get back millions of dollars and some of that money could be yours. $20 million worth of refund checks that have been returned to sender. to see if you're owed any money, we have a link at kpix .com. today is tuesday global
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giving back day. >> but highlighting today is jill with the charity.? you want to start by confirming the charity's name and determine if it's legitimate. go on line and check it out on the web. you can ged get third party information by going to the better business bureau or touchier charity navigator s are there certain times you should say no. >> absolutely. if they ask you for money but refuses to give you information about how they're going to use it. say no. make sure to say no if they're promising to enter you into a sweepstakes or proof
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that a donation is tax deductible. the federal trade commission is looking into veteran and military fraudulent and also on police and firefighters. there are charities who claim to be collecting money on. if you've been a victim of a charity scam, you can file a compliant. i want you to give today, but make sure your money is going to the right place where you feel really good about the organization and one that is legitimate. >> thank you jill. >> on 40 right now a strange
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not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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forecast in just a few minu crews are working this morng to get the pacific coast highway open again in ventu county. a mudslide is blockg highway one west of malibu. they're expecting more rain today in southern californi some emergency crews are ift water >> a big mud slide blocking highway 1 west.
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emergency preparers are preparing their rescues in case people get stranded. sonny has been hacked. the cull pratt could be a dictator who doesn't have a sense of humor. >> in sonny pictures the interview, they play taking out the north korean dictator. timing would have it hackers known as guardians of peace broke into sonny's computers. these screen shots popped up forcing a widespread shut down.
5:45 am
sonny is investigating whether the hackers had ties to north carolina. >> -- north korea. >> it shows what this country is capable of. >> it looks like it's going to continue to get bigger before it ends. if i were sonny, i would expect stronger attacks from north korea through their operatives from around the globe if they continue with the film annie, mr. turner, still alice to write love on her arms and the new brad pitt theory. >> sonny is not saying much expect it's a criminal matter and we're working closely with
5:46 am
law enforcement to correct it. >> sonny said their computers were down. so they had to do things the old fashioned way. police say they were pursuing a suspected car thief when he got out of the vehicle and escaped on his skate board, but he was caught. it was all caught on video. two big accidents. one on the dunbar on the bridge. on the sanmatao bridge as well. this is leaving the free mont
5:47 am
city area. an accident blocking the left-hand lane. there was an earlier accident over at the golden gate bridge, but that has been cleared up. a tree down in the town of wood side road. there is no estimated time as to when they'll clear that up. they have a detour in place, but it's going to be a messy commute out there. we've been talking about the problems over at the golden gate bridge. there are no traffic delays. traffic doing o leaving southern month ryme. 101 -- morine. roberta
5:48 am
it is busy. >> it's been year since we've seen this weather. check this out, this is high deaf doplar radar. it's all all lit up in reds, yellow, orange and green. heading over toward stage road you have plenty of moderate to heavy rains there. we need to keep a watchful eye on these areas of red with possible chances of thunderstorms. temperature wise we're going to hit the 50s. winter beginning to shift to the east.
5:49 am
this is all subtropical moisture. it will be feel on the muggy side with the heavy downpours in the afternoon. then we have that thunderstorm activity during the afternoon hours and the early evening. not only is northern california getting slammed at this hour, but this is an entire statewide event. this is aplombish of low moisture. that's what we're feeling right now. this low moves on shore and we have another performance of precipitation. here at about lunch hour we have rain lining the seashore with gusty winds and the evening will be wet. tomorrow morning with a repeat performance. how do we stack up
5:50 am
as far as your totals are concerned? by thursday morning after that second part of this system works its way in, five inches in north way. six inches near bolder creek. winter storm warning for the high sierra, two feet of snow. by the time the sun sets the storm tame tapers off. the temperatures into the 60s. lingering showers into thursday and a chance of another system on friday and cloudy on saturday with the sun making an appearance back in the bay into sunday and monday >> i can't remember when i have seen this widespread rain.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] today.. whether to stop thi bicycles on sidewalks, in t city's downtown. the intent is to make things safer for pedestrians. oakland and san francisco already ban bikesn sidewalks. lawmakers are san jose will vote today on whether to ban bikes on their sidewalks. state says gas prices
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could jump between 12 to 20 cents. some lawmakers are step callcar length. -- skeptical. >> we believe the state of california has not been given the correct information on the impact this would have. >> 5:55 people lives in a home less camp have been told they have to move out of the area known as the jungle.
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250 people live there now. the police are stepping in because of the high crime. coming up, where to expect the biggest downpours coming your way. >> we are in the thick of it at santa cruz mountain. we have a live report. we are drenched. with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso. nespresso vertuoline. experience the revolution of coffee.
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the holidays can be an especially difficult time.en, to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. and i'm frank mallicoat....s _ _ on this very wet tuesdy morning
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here's our storm team this morning. roberta gonzales in the weather center... ry takeo in marin county... and we'll begin in the santa cr mountains, where kiet do ist the summit off highway 17. we'll begin in the santa cruz mownties with kit. >> we've been following is


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